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Unleash your inner adventurer in Norway’s wilderness on the new Western Fjords Hiking Tour

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Vancouver, Febrauary 4th, 2019–  Nordic Travel Specialist, 50 Degrees North, has introduced a new, exclusive 9-day tour, ‘Western Fjords Hike’. Aimed at all active adventurers with a reasonable fitness level and a love for hiking, this tour takes them into the heart of the unique, secluded and exceptionally beautiful Western fjords in Norway, away from the summer crowds.

The ‘Western Fjords Hike’ follows 50 Degrees North’s signature style of taking travelers ‘off the beaten path’ and into hard-to-reach yet profoundly stunning and authentic parts of the Nordics. This is enabled on this tour partly by their use of a private minivan with space for up to 12 people – both a highly flexible and safe alternative to public transport or a private rental car. However, the hikes in this tour make the experience all the more exclusive and unique, offering breathtaking panoramic views that few travelers get to see for themselves. 

“This tour follows the same route as our ‘Western Fjords of Norway tour’, complete with our own private minibus, but is geared to those with a good level of fitness and endurance. This is an active tour with guided day hikes and some of the trails are very steep and long – a great challenge for anyone seeking an active escape in secluded and beautiful scenery”, says Tietse Stelma, 50 Degrees North’s CEO and founder. 

The self-guided tour starts from Bergen and finishes in Ålesund. In between, travelers get to hike in several breathtaking locations, join the locals on a ferry ride from Bergen to Kalvåg, catch a private 50 Degrees North minivan through the Western fjords with Loen as the main base, and travel along the Norfjord and the Hjørundfjord, two stunning fjords surrounded by lush forests and small, scenic villages. Once in Ålesund, the trekkers also get to embark on an exciting Wildlife Sea Safari in a high-speed RIB-boat. 

The trip runs weekly from July to September, 2019 with fixed departures from Bergen every Thursday
(4049 AUD / 2914 USD / 3950 CAD per person). 

For more information on the ‘Western Fjords Hike’ tour, please visit:

For more information on the ‘Western Fjords of Norway’ tour, please visit:

Hands-On volunteer travel project deals around the world!

Hands-On Time Travel

Dig into history with volunteer projects all over the world

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, February 26, 2012 – Help to unravel some of the world’s mysteries by assisting on archaeological sites where Roman soldiers, Mongolian warriors, and Rapanui sculptors once resided. Volunteers step back in time in spectacular locations whilst being guided by professionals in need of assistance. This is a hands-on way to help preserve vital cultural resources around the globe and learn more about ancient ways of life.

Discovering Italy’s Ancient Etruscan and Roman Coast

The ancient maritime settlement of Poggio del Molino is located in the heart of the former territory of Populonia, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. This excavation of the Etruscan coastal necropolis aims to fill key gaps in our knowledge of the industrial history and coastal economy, from the early Roman period to the Middle Ages. The project results will offer a profound understanding of the industrial aspects of Roman rule and exploitation. With treasure hunters, looters, and even development pressures threatening the integrity of the site, volunteer help is needed to secure the past before it is lost forever.

Origins of Angkor

The rural village of Ban Non Wat in Northeast Thailand is one of the most important sites for understanding indigenous societies ancestral to the Angkor Empire. Volunteers with Earthwatch will help to search for new prehistoric sites and identify the location of resources such as salt and potting clay. They will help reveal how Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Age peoples were affected by their environment, changing climates, the development of agriculture, technological advances, and by contact with those from other lands.

Digging for the Deep World of Devon’s Roman Ruins

The discovery of this Romano-British settlement is of tremendous importance. The settlement is the largest discovered in the county to date and detected structures hint at native roundhouses, enclosures, and a Roman road. At present, there is nothing comparable to the site in Devon and research will significantly contribute to our understanding of life in the Romano-British world. Earthwatch volunteers will be the first to conduct fieldwork helping further understand the nature, date, and extent of the site.

Restoring Prehistoric Landscapes on Easter Island

The massive stone sculptures that dot this remote Polynesian island have perplexed centuries of explorers. Earthwatch probes the past to discover what forces led to disastrous changes here in the 17th century, ending a millennium of peace and prosperity. Volunteers will work in a uniquely beautiful landscape, searching for prehistoric gardens, livestock enclosures, and agricultural fields. Under the gaze of the giant stone moai, they’ll conduct surface surveys, take photographs and GPS coordinates, measure stone features and dig test-pits in gardens to document the evolution of farming on the island.

Archaeology of the Mongolian Steppe

Earthwatch is supporting archaeological and cultural investigations in the stunning Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, needed to ensure a holistic approach to managing the area. Volunteers will be surveying the landscape for significant archaeological and cultural resources such as burial cairns, steles and other commemorative monuments or markers, the remains of campsites and rudimentary structures, rock art, and other indications of the cultural history and vitality of the region. The goal of the project is to establish baseline data and is a remarkable opportunity to be involved in designing an ongoing archaeological investigation.

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