Article in Caribbean Property Magazine

See link below to a very comprehensive piece on Montserrat in this month’s Caribbean Property Magazine – which has 250,000 monthly web visitors and 380,000+ opt in subscribers.  Note they got the access part wrong and we are trying to get them to correct it.

Ishwar Persad
Marketing Manager
Montserrat Tourist Board
P.O. Box 7, Brades
Montserrat, West Indies
Ph: (664) 491 2230/8730
Fax: (664) 491 7430

Facebook page for Montserrat

Please see link below to the Facebook Page that has been set up for Montserrat to promote tourism to the island.  Please check out the page and become fans.

Also please forward the link to anyone else who might be interested in Montserrat or to persons in your Facebook contact list.

The page has just been set up so we will be adding a lot of content as we go along.  The page will be administered by the Montserrat Tourist Board. 



We live in a visual world

Yes, we live in a visual world.

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