Cruise Convention in St.Lucia, October 26-30, 2009

Source: Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA)
Contact: Terri Cannici, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association
              Tel: + 1 954-441-8881
Photographs available at: (to access, cut and paste into web browser)
CAPTION: Carnival’s Micky Arison to open trade show in St. Lucia.

CAPTION: Momentum builds for the FCCA Trade Show in St. Lucia.



Carnival’s Micky Arison to open trade show in St. Lucia.

CASTRIES, St. Lucia (August 22, 2009) – Chairman and CEO Micky Arison of cruise giant Carnival Corporation is confirmed to open this Fall’s cruise trade exhibit being staged alongside the 16th annual Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Cruise Convention in St. Lucia from October 26 to 30, 2009.

The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association announced that Arison, who runs one of the largest vacation companies in the world and who also is FCCA’s chairman, will jump-start the business discussions in St. Lucia.
FCCA President Michele Paige said Arison continues to demonstrate inspiring leadership in the cruise industry, and she encouraged regional and international industry officials to take advantage of the vital networking and business opportunities to emerge from the highly anticipated convention and trade show, which, she says, “has evolved into the primary opportunity to showcase destinations and products to the decision makers of the cruise industry.”
She also announced the distinguished roster of cruise executives who will converge in the Eastern Caribbean includes presidents and CEOs of member lines along with global experts in cruise operations, purchasing, marketing and shore excursions.
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) estimates that 13.2 million travelers took a cruise in 2008, an increase from 12.56 million in 2007. According to CLIA survey results (reported in April 2009), 66.2 percent of travel agents expected 2009 cruise revenues to be the same or better than 2008; almost 30 percent (29.6) expected somewhat better revenues this year. The FCCA predicts buoyancy growth in 2010.
For further information about registration and securing trade show booth space, visit Space is limited.
About FCCA
The FCCA is a not-for-profit trade organization composed of 15 member cruise lines operating more than 100 vessels in Floridian, Caribbean and Latin American waters. Created in 1972, the FCCA’s mandate is to provide a forum for discussion on legislation, tourism development, ports, safety, security and other cruise industry issues. By fostering an understanding of the cruise industry and its operating practices, the FCCA seeks to build cooperative relationships with its partner destinations and to develop productive bilateral partnerships with every sector. The FCCA works with governments, ports and all private/public sector representatives to maximize cruise passenger, cruise line and cruise line employee spending, as well as enhancing the destination experience and the amount of cruise passengers returning as stay-over visitors. 

Thoughts about Future of Montserrat August 20, 2009

It has been discovered, that there is a plot by some foreigners living in Montserrat to take over the island in 5 years.  Please read a discussion that occurred on Facebook recently, where the plot was unearth.  If this does not upset any bonafied Stratians, I don’t know what will.  Let us take this seriously, as they very well can do as planned.  With Montserratians abroad being prohibited to vote, and foreigners outnumbering Montserratians who live at home, the heart of the matter is, there scheme can work! They are counting on the fact that Montserratians will continue to fight against each other, instead of working together.  The divisiveness of Montserratians who are home and those who are broad are feeding their agenda.  Please take the time out to read this, and pass it on to all Montserratians you know.  Whether it’s by forwarding, or posting it on your FB and tagging friends.  Let’s meet up at and find ways to nip this in the bud.  Long live Montserrat–Land of the Prickly Bush.  Our beautiful island belongs in our hands as Montserratians!

Friday, August 14, 2009

An eye opener for all Montserratians: by Jeevan Robinson
Just recently, I and a few other Montserratians found ourselves taken up in a discussion on Facebook with an individual who lives in Montserrat who describes himself as someone who has relocated to Montserrat within the last 10 years. Having consulted the other persons who par-took in this exchange, we thought it prudent to share with a wider audience what was discussed. It is beyond shocking the thoughts being expressed by the individual in question. It is not that those of us as Montserratians have an issue with Caricom nationals in our island but what is frightening are the thoughts that some non Montserratians seem to be harbouring regarding the future of our island and their plans to outnumber and replace us Montserratians. I am posting the contents of the discussion to serve as an eye opener for us all as to why more than ever we need to make a concerted effort to ensure that the future of our island is not given to misguided individuals to direct. The conversation goes as follows:

Forbes Adams:
It is funny that Montserratians living abroad want to be able to control our destiny. But that will never ever happen, they should not be allowed to vote then go back in their green pastures to feed.

Jeevan Robinson:
Montserratians living abroad are very much concerned with the re-development of Montserrat as much as those living there. I struggle to understand the divisiveness that seeps through our society with the “us” & “them” mentality. The right to vote that was taken away from Montserratians who relocated only to seek a better condition for themselves, their families, their children etc. was a travesty against what great men like W H Bramble & Bob Griffith fought for in the advocation of universal suffrage as a right for all Montserrat nationals. Why do Montserratians at home feel like the country is theirs only and those abroad should butt out? It seems we sometimes suffer from short term memory as to why people had to leave in droves at the height of the crisis. The voting issue is not a simple matter of exclusion for nationals abroad. Why is it we are the only commonwealth country that excludes its citizens the right to vote by absentee ballot? A debate on this matter is necessary.

Avonelle Howe:
Well said and to the point Jeevan. I do share your views! Thank You Very Much!
You are out of order and I am not sure if you are from Montserrat. Montserratians abroad deserve an apology from you and from all accounts we all are now awaiting your apology.

Myrle Roach:
My address may no longer be in Montserrat but my place of birth and the 30+ years I spent living there gives me the right to claim a say in the future of the island. How dare anyone question this right? Montserrat’s future is my destiny. Strange that “residents” who have come to the island to “feed” and then to move on to greener pastures are allowed this right and Mr. Adams has questioned that.

Forbes Adams:
I’m right in order Ms. Howe, are you and Jeevan aware that the population of Montserratians living out of Montserrat is close to a hundred thousand, and do you think it will be fair for those individuals to determine who manages our lively hood. What do you all want to do, come vote and then leave us in what ever mess of your liking, hell NO. Let us paddle our own canoe. I am living here long enough to have a say, because I am a registered voter.

Jeevan Robinson:
My first question to you Mr. Adams is this: where do you draw your statistics from that the Montserrat population abroad tops over 100,000? Please state your source of reference if you wish to engage in a discussion of this nature. The ‘mess’ you refer to was very much created without the Montserrat nationals who live abroad being there to create. From your statement I can see that it seems you are a non national. So whilst your opinion on the matter is noted, I think by right of birth, by right of continued interest in what goes on in our island, those of us abroad who hold firm that our voting right should not have been taken away are very much qualified to make such statements. Montserrat belongs to us all and because some of us may live abroad we will not be curtailed in expressing our views on the redevelopment of our island and that includes the voting issue. It was wrong to take it away in the manner it was done. Because we live abroad we should not have a say? I disagree. Plus you fail to realise the context of Montserrat’s situation, people who left did not leave just because they wanted to. The volcanic situation and its consequences forced loads into leaving back in ’96/97. All will not come back but surely we are still very much keen on what goes on in our island. We are still very much believing that our island can be great again. We are still very much appalled at the stalled state of affairs back at home. We are all still seeking ways in which we can make an impact and our voice be heard. This is our island and we love her and want to see her rise again. We are still very much appalled at the stalled state of affairs back at home. We are all still seeking ways in which we can make an impact and our voice be heard. This is our island and we love her and want to see her rise again. The voting issue is not just a simple matter that those of us abroad should be excluded. We were not properly informed or made to be a part of that decision and I feel it was hasty and not given proper due diligence. Surely, a strategy should have been developed to include Montserratians abroad in the re-development instead of cutting them off. We have to be mindful, Mr. Adams, of short-terminism.

Regena Francis:
As with Avonelle I think that Jeevan is on point with his earlier comments. Montserratians living abroad are not just concerned about what goes on in our island but are rather passionate about it. This them versus us mentality achieves nothing aside from trying to alienate the Diaspora. You fail to acknowledge Mr. Adams, the reason many of us left in the first place. You also fail to acknowledge that what has transpired on the island in the last few years and whatever mess the island is in now is nothing to do with us. What we should be doing those of us who live abroad and those who live on Montserrat is working together for the common good of the island. We need to come together to devise strategies for using the skills and talents gained abroad for the redevelopment of our island. Of course we will not all return to live in Montserrat we will hold her forever dear to our hearts.

Regena Francis:
We are also of the firm view that the rights our forefathers fought for should never have been taken away from us. We all deserve a say in the future and redevelopment in the island that we love and that includes re-instating our right to vote.

Forbes Adams:
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that u all shouldn’t have a say, of course u should, but to VOTE, hell NO. Maybe 100,000 might b stretching it a bit, but I can guarantee u it’s over 40,000 after I checked with the statistic department this morning. I am sure Montserrat is the only country that has so much more of its natives living outside, hence the reason why my adopted island can’t allow you to vote. Sorry my friends, if you want to have the same privilege as I do, please come and join me, and help to populate the island just like a lot of my country men are doing and keeping the island alive for you. Since I have been here I have heard that the British government, was about to close the island down because the population was getting too small. Thanks to us who can now vote.

Jeevan Robinson:
How long have you been living in Montserrat Mr. Adams & where are you from? Please enlighten us. Thanks for checking with the stats dept as you say you have. I think we may need independent verification of that number though. There are flaws with some of your statements because I can safely say that many Jamaicans for instance live outside there more country in the USA, Canada, UK etc. They may not have had a natural disaster but they too have there mitigating factors. What bugs me Mr. Adams is not that you are living in Montserrat as the island is open to all. But more so your assumption of more rights and privileges to our island than those of us who are Montserratians. I do not think you are in line to say we cannot vote who live abroad. Hell No! Are you familiar with our history? And not just recent history. Are you familiar with such great names as W H Bramble, Bob Griffith & what they have fought for on our behalf to see it taken away by a shambolic committee of self interest?

Nathalie Weekes:
Well if I may put my two sense in here I will agree with my fellow Montserratians and I would think it is morally wrong that the right to vote is taken away from the Montserratian people because we have left the island and may I point out it was not a decision that was taken lightly seeing that the majority was forced to move because of the volcanic crisis. Please don’t get me wrong I am not against foreigners from coming to the island but put yourself in the shoes of Montserratians and ask yourself if it is fair for you to state such and also ask yourself if not for the volcanic crisis would you have left your country to come to Montserrat? So many ex patriots have left their country and still have the right to vote and also have the right vote in Strat’s election so why can’t Stratians abroad have the same rights? Also bare in mind that whatever happens to Montserrat is felt heartily by Montserratians at home and abroad also bare in mind that if ALL Montserratians had to come back home where would that place the foreigners? I guess one would think it unfair for us to come back to reclaim our Island but is our island and yes That Day Will Come.

Forbes Adams:
Hello Nathalie, by the time you decide to come back here we will be in charge of the island. The calling of early elections took us off guard, but I can assure you my friend by the next elections we will be more than ready to form our “non born Montserratian party” and with the dynamics of the population here, there is no doubt that we’ll win more hands down. Now you see that the authorities made the right decision in preventing non-residents from voting. I am living here for now 10 years, and this is what I think would be the best for my adopted island, you will be more than welcome to join us.

Jeevan Robinson:
Thank you Nathalie & Gena! Mr. Adams with that last comment you made I think that signals an end to this conversation. I thought you were interested in a serious debate but it seems you have descended to emotional baiting because either you are grossly deluded to think that foreigners will ever be elected to high office to run our country or perhaps you just made that comment to annoy the hell out of patriotic Montserratians. You have only been in Montserrat 10 years, you think you have earned some right of passage to claim her as your own? Those of us who are commenting were born there, know our island before she was destroyed by that lady on the hill and still love our island and trust me if this is your attitude and it is shared by your fellow countrymen, then do believe this to be so that we will fast come back to reclaim our island.

Forbes Adams:
Jeevan, you sound like a practical person I will like to meet you when ever you come home for the usual two weeks that Montserratians usually do. But on a very serious note, are you not aware that we will most likely out number the born Montserratians as voters in the next 5 years, at the last parent teachers meeting that I attended at MSS we had 64% of the students attending the school who were not born of Montserrat parents. I think you are smart enough to do the math. And more is coming!!! We are in the process of forming a real political party, not one that is just put together for election purposes, so that it will continue for years & years to come, get the picture my friend. I heard of Mr. W H Bramble & Mr. Bob Griffith since I have been here, because I am serious about politics so I must learn the history of my new home, I am sure that you have done likewise & learn the history of your new home also. I got a British passport since I have been here, and I am here to stay.

Jeevan Robinson:
All I will say to you Mr. Adams is that you harbour very elusive dreams. Don’t be fooled. Foreign entities will not gain control of our island. The youths of Montserrat will not permit such a gross travesty to happen. You come to our island, you have gained occupation, passport to European Union, a better quality of life and now you plan to take her moreover? How? You are wrong mate! You have no idea how many Montserratians you have angered with your talk. Please go read my blog kindly at

Forbes Adams
Well my friend Jeevan, all I can say is that time will tell and it is surely on my side. I still can’t understand y you would call it a “travesty” seeing we are the reason y there is a functioning Montserrat, as I said earlier, if it’s wasn’t for us there would not be an island for you to come to, so at least you owe us that gratitude. As I said earlier I am living here for 10 yrs and I have bought a piece of “the rock” even though I can easily go to Europe to live in “greener pastures”? I have read your blog, and I think that we might be able to work out something. It would be a good strategy to have one or two born Montserratian on the team, I need not spell out the reason y. I am not planning to take over OUR island I just want to have the opportunity to run it properly.

Myrle Roach
I have just realised the direction that this “discussion” has taken and am appalled at what I am reading. Mr. Adams is not only delusional but arrogantly so. You have made your feelings concerning native Montserratians who have chosen to immigrate since the volcanic crisis clear. What you should be expressing is eternal gratitude to us who realised that some people needed to leave in order for the island to survive. If we had all stayed the situation would have indeed been dire and most of all there would have been no room for you. I thank you for making your views and intentions known because they will serve as a bigger catalyst for those of us making decisions as to our time frame for returning home. Oh yes Mr. Adams … there are many of us who have every intention of returning to our native land and not you or any other foreigner can stop this from happening. Your arrogance defies belief … “a good strategy to have one or two born Montserratians on the team”…”

—————————————– Montserrat Association (Toronto) P.O Box 227 Station D Scarborough, Ontario M1R 5B7 Email:

Czech Republic in Toronto, August 25 & 26, 2009

                    Czech Republic participation at the IncentiveWorks

CZECH REPUBLIC / CESKA REPUBLIKA / REPUBLIQUE TCHEQUE   IncentiveWorks   Metro Toronto Convention CentreAugust 25 & 26, 2009       Visit the Czech Republic Exposition – Booth # 1617 & # 1619 CzechTourism, Canada, CzechTourism Prague and Prague Convention Bureau are organizing participation at the IncentiveWorks – one of CANADA”S MEETINGS + EVENTS SHOW – more detailed information about the trade show can be found at  We are pleased to welcome the Czech Republic delegation, led by Ms. Jade Sebek, Director of the CzechTourism Congress and Incentive Tourism Department and the Director of Prague Convention Bureau including major suppliers, representing the best service providers and organizers for the convention and incentive industry.  Czech professional conference organizers, Incentive companies, destination management companies and hoteliers will join us at the 2009 IncentiveWorks Trade Show and at the Czech Republic Exposition.  COME & MEET the Czech Republic suppliers at the Czech Republic Exposition: ·         Clarion Congress Hotel Prague **** CPI Hotels a. s.·         Hotel Yasmin ****                                                    ·         La Boheme – DMC & Incoming Tour Operator   ·         Radisson BLU Alcron Hotel – Art Deco Hotel                                                                                          ·         Vienna International Hotels & Resorts                 ·         PCB – Prague Convention Bureau                      ·         CzechTourism                                                                      COME AND JOIN THE CZECH REPUBLIC AT THE INCENTIVEWORKS

Paradise Pavillion at Ladera, St. Lucia

 Paradise Pavilion
See Forever At Ladera’s New Panoramic Wedding Venue

An unparalleled destination wedding locale to open in December 2009,
1,100 feet above the sea

August 18, 2009, Soufrière, St. Lucia, West Indies – In December 2009, Ladera will unveil its new Paradise Pavilion, a dramatic open-air destination wedding venue destined to become the Caribbean’s pre-eminent setting for ceremonies and receptions of up to 100 guests.  The newly constructed Pavilion is located along Ladera’s extraordinary rainforest ridge, on previously undeveloped land adjacent to the hotel.  Architecturally, the 1,200 square-foot Pavilion is a showpiece venue featuring the same renowned open-air design concept found throughout the resort with the famously unending panoramic views.  The Pavilion is crafted in Ladera’s signature rainforest style, with terracotta flooring, columns milled and richly polished from tropical greenheart wood, as well as cut stone and tile work crafted by local St. Lucian masons.
The Pavilion is deliberately designed with only a railing to separate guests from the natural rainforest terrain and not obstruct the astounding views of the Caribbean Sea, breathtaking sunsets, and the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Though open, the structure is also sheltered making it flexible and suitable for any style of ceremony and reception. For wedding photographs, it will be the most dramatic backdrop of the Caribbean.
Ladera’s ultra exclusive hideaway, Hilltop Dream Suite #X8, is connected to the Pavilion by a lushly landscaped private pathway, flanked by fountains and a reflecting pool which culminates in a stone archway, the picture-perfect spot for a bride to make her entrance. 
The Hilltop Suite will function as a private place for the bridal party to dress, as well as a romantic honeymoon suite for the newly betrothed couple and will be packaged into the Paradise Pavilion rate.  With a total of 32 rooms comprised of 6 Villas and 26 Suites, larger wedding parties of up to 80 overnight guests may choose to reserve the entire resort, depending on seasonal availability.
Wedding receptions will be catered by Ladera’s award-winning Dasheene restaurant, with customized menus by Executive Chef Orlando Satchell, known for his farm-to-table menu and emphasis on fresh, island ingredients and innovative West Indian cooking.  Pre-wedding beauty services, as well as relaxing massages and wellness treatments, can be arranged at Ladera’s Ti Kaye Posé Spa.

Ladera has also introduced a new online Gift Registry on, allowing couples celebrating their wedding, anniversary or any special occasion to create a “Wish List” of services, dining, spa treatments and sightseeing excursions during their stay. Resort credits may also be purchased in advance and can be applied to any services at Ladera.
For reservations and information, go to  Guests may contact a Ladera wedding planner toll free at 866-290-0978, or by sending an email to

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New York. Fashion Night Out, September 10, 2009

MAYOR BLOOMBERG ANNOUNCES “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT” Fashion Retailers in All Five Boroughs Will Stay Open Until 11PM and Host In-store Events on First Night of Fashion Week Supporting Local Businesses and Promoting Economic Activity throughout theCity is Part of Administration’s Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta, Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Executive Director Steven Kolb today announced Fashion’s Night Out, a citywide event to support local retailers. On the first night of Fashion Week – September 10, 2009 – participating retail stores across the five boroughs will stay open until 11:00 PM and offer an array of in-store celebrations and promotions. Nearly 100 retailers have already signed on to participate in the event. Fashion’s Night Out is sponsored by Vogue, CFDA and NYC & Company, New York City’s official marketing and tourism organization. Supporting local businesses and promoting economic activity throughout the City is part of the Administration’s Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan to create jobs for New Yorkers today, implement a vision for long-term economic growth, and build affordable, attractive neighborhoods. Small Business Services Commissioner Robert Walsh, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum, Macy’s Inc. President and CEO Terry J. Lundgren, designer Vera Wang, Robin Renzi of Me&Ro, National September 11 Memorial & Museum President Joseph Daniels and New York City AIDS Fund Chairman Len McNally, and more than a dozen retailers from across the City joined the Mayor for the announcement in the Blue Room of City Hall.

“New York City’s fashion and retail industry is a vital part of our local economy, supporting more than 175,000 jobs as seamstresses, sales clerks, delivery drivers and other occupations in apparel design, garment manufacturing, retailing, and other areas,” said Mayor Bloomberg.  “Fashion’s Night Out will provide our local retailers with a boost and will serve as a terrific kick-off for fall Fashion Week. I want to thank Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America for developing a creative way to support New York City.”

“Vogue is very proud to be part of this important initiative which will not only celebrate fall Fashion Week, but also support and draw attention to the extraordinary and unrivaled fashion and retail industry in New York City,” said Vogue Magazine editor in chief Anna Wintour. “The City is home to some of the world’s most celebrated and diverse designers, and renowned for its vast array of retailers from legendary department stores to the most charming independent boutiques. Fashion’s Night Out is about protecting this creativity and diversity, reenergizing New York’s fashion and retail community and getting consumers excited about shopping for fall.”

In addition to supporting local retailers, Fashion’s Night Out will benefit important New York City causes. A special limited-edition t-shirt has been created for Fashion’s Night Out and will go on sale at participating retailers three-weeks prior to the event. Proceeds from its sale will support the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Also, shoppers will be encouraged to donate gently used or newly purchased clothes at participating stores or at specifically designated drop-off locations. Clothes will then be collected by the New York City AIDS Fund to benefit HIV/AIDS organizations across the city. Drop-offs will be made on Saturday, September, 12th, and there will be at least one collection drop-off location in each borough.

“Now more than ever it is important for New Yorkers to support their local community, and the programming for Fashion’s Night Out is a great, fun vehicle with which to do so,” said NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta. “New Yorkers, as well as visitors to New York City, have an opportunity to give back while taking advantage of one our City’s biggest and most alluring industries.”

“Fashion’s Night Out centers around giving back to the community that we all so often enjoy and take for granted,” said Council of Fashion Designers of America Executive Director Steven Kolb. “Anyone considering making a clothing donation should keep in mind that whatever the price point of their donation, they will be making a valuable contribution to the City’s retail industry, while at the same time being a part of a one-of-a-kind evening of shopping and entertainment.”

“Small businesses are the mainstay of our City and support the diverse fabric of our neighborhoods,” said Small Business Services Commissioner Walsh. “When our small businesses succeed there are more job opportunities for New Yorkers.  I encourage everyone to get out and shop on Fashion’s Night Out — to ensure our City maintains its vibrant spirit.”

“Working people in the city are hurting, and no more so than those who work in retail,” said Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum.  “This initiative not only serves consumers, but helps provide a needed boost to New York’s retail industry at a time when it’s needed most.”

“As a retailer, we are very excited about supporting this citywide initiative designed to stimulate the retail and fashion industries,” said Macy’s, Inc. President and CEO Terry Lundgren. “Fashion’s Night Out is a great program that will get New Yorkers and tourists excited about shopping again in the City that is known around the world for its eclectic fashion and iconic retail stores.”

The program’s website,, provides retailers and consumers with information on how they can take part in Fashion’s Night Out.  Consumers can access details on the programming, sign up for regular updates, and learn more about charitable and volunteer opportunities.  Interested retailers will also be able to register their store and place orders for the Fashion’s Night Out tee.

The City’s Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan is a comprehensive strategy to bring New York City through the current economic downturn as fast as possible. It focuses on three major areas: creating jobs for New Yorkers today, implementing a long-term vision for growing the city’s economy, and building affordable, attractive neighborhoods in every borough. Taken together, the initiatives that the City has launched to achieve these goals will generate thousands of jobs and put New York City on a path to economic recovery and growth. To learn more about the plan, visit Recently, the City has announced:

·        The start to construction of the International Gem Tower, which will house 3,000 jobs.

·        Start of review process for Kingsbridge Armory project creating 1,200 permanent jobs.

·        City’s Workforce1 Centers in Harlem and Jamaica received awards for innovation.

·        Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH) program to encourage grocery stores.

·        City-supported loans unavailable from banks to help small businesses stay in operation.

·        Three new Financial Empowerment Centers offering free, one-on-one financial coaching.

·        Stimulus funding to help the City provide summer jobs for 51,000 young New Yorkers.

·        The opening of New Hope Walton Project, housing for low-income residents in Harlem

·        New affordable housing at Gateway Building, a long-vacant structure in the South Bronx.

·        The Harlem Business Assistance Fund to help businesses relocate to the 125th Street area.

·        The expansion of NYC Business Express to help businesses obtain permits and licenses.

·        New international cruise activity, growing New York City’s 13,000-job cruise industry.

·        Steps to help New York City’s bioscience companies compete for Federal funding.

·        The “Nine in ’09” campaign to promote economic activity in diverse neighborhoods.

·        A Center for Economic Opportunity program put 4,000 low-income New Yorkers in jobs.

·        Stimulus-funded community development projects that will strengthen neighborhoods.

·        Stimulus-funded Housing Authority projects that will create jobs for 3,255 New Yorkers.

·        The start of construction of 103 units of affordable housing in Brownsville.

·        A plan to protect area character and expand commercial opportunities in Sunset Park.

·        The opening of Home Depot in the South Bronx creating 200 new permanent jobs.

·        Legislation that will green buildings and create 19,000 construction jobs.

·        The latest round of training funds to help small businesses train their employees.

·        The final tally of 1,673 additional jobs created at the new Yankee Stadium.

·        The placement of 50 laid-off New Yorkers into positions at entrepreneurial companies.

·        New York City achieved a record 5,000 job placements through the first quarter of 2009.

·        Help for a beer distributor to create 55 permanent and 30 construction jobs in the Bronx.

·        Green projects at the Brooklyn Navy Yard are creating more than 1,700 permanent jobs.

·        Comprehensive initiatives to support the nonprofit sector and its 490,000 jobs.

·        Federal stimulus transportation projects that will create or preserve 32,000 jobs.

·        New automated water meter readers that could help businesses retain or create 550 jobs.

·        New programs to provide training and resources for City’s future entrepreneurs.

·        Steps the City is taking to help small businesses adapt to conditions and avoid layoffs.

·        More than 50,000 New Yorkers claimed the City’s Child Care Tax Credit in its first year.

·        11 new initiatives to support the financial services sector and promote entrepreneurship.

·        A plan for Coney Island that will create 6,000 permanent and 25,000 construction jobs.

·        A plan to create 400,000 jobs over the next six years in the 2009 State of the City speech.

Montserrat Events August 2009-January 2010

    August 2009 Issue
Fred Olsen Cruise to Offer Insight into Montserrat
 Broadcaster and writer Sarah Dickinson will be giving four illustrated
lectures about Montserrat during Fred Olsen’s transatlantic Braemar
cruise, which departs Dover for the Caribbean on October 27th 2009. The
four lectures will be titled I heard the mountain groaning, a brief
history of Montserrat and the first eruption; Shovelling, about the
history of the volcano and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory; Have a
little faith, featuring songs, poems and art which emerged from the
crisis; and Still nice, still home, on how Montserrat has come to terms
with living with the volcano and the ten year plan to build its new
capital. The lectures will detail Sarah’s life on the island before and
after the volcanic eruptions, which began in 1995. Brochures and other
promotional literature supplied by the Montserrat Tourist Board will be
distributed to passengers. For more information visit <
Eco-Friendly Lodge & Campsite Opens in Montserrat
 The rejuvenation of the tourism product of Montserrat continues with
the recent opening of the Mt. Pleasant Eco-lodge and Campsite. The camp
site is set in a lush forest, with the focal point being the Harmony
Cottage, fashioned after a Mongolian yurt. This circular shaped cottage
contains a Queen size bed, eco-toilet, shower, kitchen and a see-through
dome in the roof which give occupants a perfect skyview on starry
nights. There are several tent platforms ranging in sizes from 8 x 10 to
10 x 18 feet. Tents to be placed on these platforms can be rented from
the facility or brought in by campers. An activity centre is located on
the grounds where campers can congregate to have meetings, social
activities and meals. The Mt. Pleasant Eco-lodge and Campsite is one of
the most environmentally friendly accommodation facilities on
Montserrat. All the electricity at the site is generated from solar
power panels.  The compound and all tent platforms are also fitted with
showers and miniflush compost toilets. Situated in the picturesque Mt.
Pleasant area, the facility was built without the removal of any trees,
and offers breathtaking views of Montserrat’s coastline and the
neighbouring islands of Nevis and Redonda. For further information on
this facility or reservations call Mr. David Payne at (664) 491 2933/495
2933 or email <\0> .
Spotlight on ‘Goat Water Specialist’ Reuben Furlonge
 Reuben Furlone is one of Montserrat’s best known tourism ambassadors.
Furlonge, as he is affectionately called, is a well known taxi driver
and tour guide.  But perhaps he is most famous for his dubbing as the
island’s “goat water specialist.”   Akin to an Irish Stew, goat water is
a thick tasty stew with chunks of goat meat and is Montserrat’s national
dish. Furlonge started making goat water in the 1970’s for special
occasions, and because of its popularity, in 1987 he opened Fulonge’s
Den in village of Harris’, selling goat water on weekends. The
restaurant was destroyed in the volcanic eruptions of 1997 and Furlonge
was forced to move his operations to his home in the north of the
island.  Since 1992 he has also been representing Montserrat with his
goat water at the Annual International Food Fair in Antigua in May.
Furlonge’s goat water has also been to CARIFESTA, the Caribbean’s
premier cultural fiesta. When he is not busy making and promoting his
country’s national dish, Furlonge operates a taxi and tour service for
visitors and is a member of the Montserrat Tour and Taxi Association.
Over the past ten years he has provided tours for a number of visiting
journalists and was recently featured in Islands Magazine, as well as
the French Newspaper Le Monde. Furlonge says, “I thoroughly enjoy
meeting new people from all walks of life and showing them my beautiful
island.” To sample Furlonge’s goat water or to book an island tour call
(664) 492 2790.

Montserrat featured in Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle
Magazine<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
“urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

 Montserrat is featured in the current issue of the Caribbean Homes and
Lifestyle (CH&L) Magazine, with a full colour 15-page spread. The
Antigua-based CH&L targets the middle to upper income households,
business owners, investors and the media. The magazine features the
vibrant culture, lifestyle and emerging real estate trends within the
region and has a circulation of 20,000. It is sold internationally for
USD$5 (£2.95) and is distributed free at the VC Bird Airport in Antigua
and at destination and travel expos in the USA, Canada and Europe. To
view the piece on Montserrat, or to subscribe to this magazine, visit
<> .
Caribbean Map <>        
Save the Date
The 15th Annual Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday 31st October

aeroplane <>

Guest House <>

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October 2009
15th Annual Montserrat Fishing Tournament 
October 31

Police, Fire, Search & Rescue Community Week October 31 – November 7

November 2009
Alliouagana Literary Festival of the Word November 13 – 15
December 2009
Christmas Festival Celebrations 
December 4 – January1 

Ottawa’s “Girlfriends Getaway” Package Filled With Fun & Savings

Ottawa’s “Girlfriends Getaway” Package Filled With Fun & Savings  Toronto, July 28, 2009 –  Let’s face it—girls just want to have fun. And once in a while they need an escape from the guys but not from fun and excitement. Ottawa Tourism is serving up an eclectic menu of Girlfriends Getaway packages where the emphasis is on fun, arts, culture, shopping, and spas all at a very affordable price—from only $138 CAD per person for a two-night stay (based on double occupancy). 

The basic Girlfriends Getaway package to Ottawa includes two nights’ accommodation for two people (additional guests can be added on for an extra charge) and a certificate for the Rideau Centre Savings Directory filled with many coupons to satisfy any shopaholic.     And those who purchase a package between September 1 and October 9, 2009 will also receive a complimentary copy of a new magazine—The Best Places to Go Shopping—published by Ottawa Magazine.
And to increase the fun, guests on a Girlfriends Getaway can choose to add on a number of
optional activities, including

  • visiting the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian War Museum, Canada Aviation Museum, and/or National Gallery of Canada,
  • sitting back on the scenic Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train,
  • catching a concert at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival (on until August 9, 2009)
  • being pampered thanks to a $50 Holtz Spa Gift Card; or
  • enjoying a performance of the blockbuster hit The Drowsy Chaperone at the National Arts Centre (October 14-31, 2009).

Given Ottawa’s abundance of attractions, the Girlfriends Getaway package provides a compelling reason to plan a weekend visit so gather up the girls and start having fun in Canada’s Capital Region. Guests who book accommodations at a participating hotel for a (consecutive) Friday and Saturday two-night stay have the option to reserve a third night at 50% off the listed room rate. The Girlfriends Getaway two-night package starts at $138 CAD per person based on double occupancy.   

Those wanting information, tickets and lodging reservations for the Girlfriends Getaway can visit, a powerful website operated by Ottawa Tourism. Visitors can also book by phone at 1-888-OTTAWA-8. Ottawa Tourism provides destination marketing, strategic direction and leadership in cooperation with members and partners to service the travel media and attract visitors, tours and conventions to Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region. Its vision is to build recognition of Ottawa as an outstanding four-season tourism destination.  

– 30 –  For more information and Ottawa-area images, please contact:Jantine Van Kregten                                                Chris RyallDirector of Communications                                     Public Relations Representative                  Ottawa Tourism                                                         Ottawa Tourism613-237-5150, ext. 116                                         416-861-1022 /                                 

Summertime in Toronto

Summertime is the Right Time to Visit

TorontoSpecials Offers and Hotel Packages Available the Entire Month of August  TORONTO (August 5, 2009) –

Toronto’s summer season is far from over and traveling to the city has never been easier thanks to special promotional packages available throughout August. Visitors planning a trip to Toronto can now book the Best of Toronto Package including one night hotel accommodation, a top-priced ticket to a Mirvish Productions theatre performance such as The Sound of Music or The Harder They Come, a three-course dinner at a choice of one of 14 restaurants and admission to one of three famed attractions- the CN Tower, Ontario Science Centre, or a Toronto Tours city bus tour for only $149 per person by calling 1-800- 461-3333.   “There’s no better time to see

Toronto than in the summer,” said David Whitaker, President and CEO, Tourism Toronto. “ Toronto welcomes visitors to discover its lively waterfront, diverse neighborhoods, cultural attractions and a wealth of festivals and events.”  For other super summer hotel offers paired up with dinner, theatre tickets and attraction passes, visitors and locals alike can begin planning a

Toronto getaway at or by calling 1-877-848-3999.  Weekend getaways to Toronto this August – from families to couples, girlfriends and more – are available for just $99 per night.  Visitors booking a special package to

Toronto during August can experience a destination full of signature summer festivals such as the celebrated Pilaros Taste of the Danforth (August 7 – 9) or Scotiabank BuskerFest (August 27 – 30). Sports enthusiasts can make it a weekend with the Women’s Roger’s Cup Tennis Championship (August 15 – 23), Toronto Blue Jays baseball and Toronto FC soccer. Toronto offers theater-goers an endless line-up of performances ranging from Broadway-style to Canadian classics and Shakespeare.   With over 7,000 restaurants spread across the city, a popular way to experience Toronto is by relaxing on a street-side patio or neighbourhood café, taking a stroll or bike ride through one of the city’s 1,500 parks or seeking out a special exhibit at one of Toronto’s iconic museums and galleries followed by a night out in Toronto with hundreds of chic lounges, nightclubs or pubs to choose from. 

Memorable summer experiences begin with

Toronto summer packages and offerings available through or by calling 1-877-848-3999.   About Tourism

TorontoTourism Toronto, Toronto’s Convention and Visitors Association, is an industry association of more than 1,200 members established to sell and market the Greater Toronto Region as a remarkable destination for tourists around the globe. For more information please visit   – 30 –Media Contact:
Justine Palinska
Media Relations

Associate, U.S.
Tourism Toronto

207 Queens Quay West,

Suite 405

Toronto, ON M5J 1A7 Tel: 416-987-1739
Fax: 416-203-6753

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