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CHINA, traveling with children Part #1 Beijing

When I visited Qingdao, China on my first trip, right from the first day, I came up with ideahat I have to come again with my whole family. Children must see the different world, different culture and traditions,..show to them that not the whole world speak English…That there are places where you have to struggle with comprehention of foreign language.

Our trip to China was in November 2014. First of all, children are small enough, that in many placetickets either free, or half-priced, and also large enough to remember the trip and apreciate the excitement of travel.

We bought our airflight tickets, and booked hotels during the summer, when the prices were extremely low…Also, the High Travel season in China concidered in Spring and Autumn: August, September and October. We decided to travel in November, enjoying low volumes of tourists, while catching Indian Summer feel. Although Beijing weather was getting cold at nights, during the day it was just perfect, with clear bright skies, and no wind at all.

Traveling in Beijing is easy, inexpencive and fast.
Subway ssystem is clean,and  easy to navigate, almost everywhere signs in Pynyin, so it’s easy to comprehend. Beijing Subway system is fast and efficient , platforms are equipped with mostly glass walls, and gates to access the tracks, ensuring safety, that none will fall on tracks.

#1st Day

We hired a taxi (600-700RMB for round trip from downtown) to visit China Great Wall section at Mutianyu. If you want to take a skylift and on the way back toboggan, it’s better to take the furtherst skylift, so while on the wall hiking you will be decending to toboggan ride, and wouldn’t have to come back. Views at Mutianyu Great Wall were breathtaking, with clear sky and visibility to thousands kilometers…



We spent almost whole day at Mutianyu, enjoying panoramic views, and warmth of Autumn Sun,and tranquility of surrounding mountains.

One of the practicalities came up to my mind is to bring some snack, and a bottle of water with you on the wall, and keep yourself hydrated and energised, so you can enjoy more time on the wall.

#2nd day we visited Forbidden City and Wangfujing Street

Forbidden City is a must place to visit., although after first half an hour it’s boring to kids. We found the clock museum, with enormous collection of mechanical clocks from miniature to gigantic waterclocks, worth visitng to return an interest of kids.

Wangfuijing Street has an interesting part as Wangfujing Snak Street where you can encounter weird snacks, like fried scorpions, starfish, fried seahorse, lizards…

That evening we spent in Red Theatre, watching performance on Shaolin…Performance was well horeographed, and performed.


Our last day in Beijing we were busy visiting Temple of Heaven.






Sailing to Montserrat from Antigua

See below from OnDeck regarding sailing trips to Montserrat from Antigua during St. Patrick’s Week Celebrations.

Please circulate to as many persons as possible.



St Paddy’s Day Knees-up in Montserrat? You gotta be kidding!

Montserrat is the only country outside of Ireland to declare St Patricks Day a National holiday and boy do they do it big time with a week of cultural events, music, parades and parties. If you haven’t been there then there is no better time to experience the warmth of the people and the spectacular nature of the island all washed down with a drop of the “The Devil’s Buttermilk “(Guinness!)

Make the adventure a truly memorable one by sailing the 5 hour passage there and back on board Ondeck’s spectacular Farr 65’s round-the-world ocean going yachts

Itinerary (all optional apart from the sailing)

Monday 16th March

0800 Set sail from AYCM Falmouth

1200-1300 Arrive Montserrat

Afternoon sightseeing

Evening events available including live music

Tuesday 17th March St Patrick’s Day

0600 Freedom Run/Walk

0700 Community fun sports and breakfast

1030 Legends and folktales

1300 St Patricks Day Parade

1400 Heritage Day & Feast

Sunset Ole Time Bingo

Evening Party!

Wednesday 18th March


1200 Meet back at the port for return trip

1800 + arrive back in Falmouth

Return sailing rate = $189USD per person

Passports required 15th March for clearance

Full list of events on www.visitmontserrat.com

To book your Sail please call +1 268 562 6696

To find out more about Ondeck go to www.ondeck.co.uk or email Antigua@ondeckoceanracing.com