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Focus on Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards of Sunset Homes

shelleciaB posted: “Focus on Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards of Sunset Homes Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards is a true master of his craft. He has no formal architectural education yet his creative mind allows him to imagine, design and build architectural works of art. Along with h”

Give and Get Caribbean Getaway !!!

Give and Get 

“Care to win a trip to Anguilla, Puerto Rico, St Barth, St Martin or Nevis, while enabling a scholarship for a child in need?

For the past 18 years, the Teacher Gloria Omololu Institute, has been delivering education with a focus on holistic and modern approach to learning. Located on the small island of Anguilla, the school caters to local, regional and expatriate children from 11 different countries all over the World.

Fundraising is a key component to sustaining and growing our student base and 100% of the funds collected are going towards enabling a child’s education during the 2013 – 2014 school year. With the help of our wonderful sponsors, we’re giving away 6 Caribbean luxury getaways to Anguilla, St Barth, Nevis, Puerto Rico and two to St Martin and special perks such as dinners, massages, boat transfer and an airfare voucher.

Here’s how it works:

GIVE – $39 or more to the scholarship fund and enable a child’s education

GET – the chance to win one of 6 Caribbean Getaways to Nevis, Anguilla, St Barth, St Martin or Puerto Rico.

Help us help a child in need and go to to get all the details and your tickets, drawings will be held weekly starting on February 16, 2013. These Caribbean Getaway tickets make thoughtful gifts you can feel good about giving to friends and family!

Your support of this great cause for a chance to win a Caribbean getaway is greatly appreciated!”

For details please click here:Give and Get Caribbean Getaway

Kyiv Edwards’ Peace speech at Peace Celebrating Event in Anguilla. December 2012 (Full version)

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Kindly permit me to adopt the protocol that has already been established. I am honoured to stand before you this evening to offer some thoughts about youth and peace. After all, when we address the youth…we are in fact addressing our leaders in training who will have the precious task of leading our communities and nations tomorrow.

Peace is precious. It must be nurtured, maintained and defended. Peace does not exist by accident or by chance, but instead, results from an enlightened choice made on an individual level…a family level…a community level and a global level. We must remain united in our hunger to achieve peace – this treasure, must be sought out, cherished and protected.

The words tolerance, justice, human rights and harmony are not flowery concepts to be discussed only in fancy conferences at certain times a year – but instead, we need to engage in peace conversations at home, at school and on the neighbourhood block if we are to achieve real change that will touch lives. Peace is not simply the absence of war! Peace affects the very basis of a human being’s existence, a person’s freedom to exist from fear and to pursue a respectable quality of life, free to dream and strive to achieve their full potential and happiness. We need to work towards peace in every home, school and neighbourhood in Anguilla.

I will share today 2 ideas that we as a community can pro-actively engage in, to play our part in pursuing peace within our hearts, our families, our nation and by extension our world.

Let Youths Have A Voice on Life’s Issues and Decision-Making

Albert Einstein once said, that we cannot solve a problem with the same mindset in which we created the problem. Therefore we need to harness fresh insight and in doing so, we cannot forget the input of our youth. Experienced wisdom can only be strengthened by adding innovative, youthful perspectives.

We must not wait, for our young people to grow up, before allowing them a voice and lending them an ear, as they share their fears, frustrations, aspirations, challenges and ideas. We as a community, need to engage our youth in real discussions and allow them to participate in problem-solving, decision-making and brainstorming to solve the violence and other challenges in our land. Youth are capable of contributing fresh, pure, creative mindsets and are full of passion and enthusiasm on many life issues. Check young people on the park when Stoney Ground comes up against The Valley at football!! Pandamonium in de place!

Let us engage and channel this energy, into productive output through debates, music, the arts, sports and various community support programs such as youth groups, youth councils and youth centers.

The powers that be, need to invest in infrastructure and innovative new ideas for sports and education and other important vehicles that can powerfully shape the lives of our youths. If youths feel like part of the decisions that affect them in their community, they will buy in to the solutions and support the cause and be more at peace within the community.

Parents, although we may be at the teenage stage, seeking more independence and challenging your views, do not abandon us. Many times when a child reaches Campus B at the age of twelve, parents would say “he out of the way”. No! I beg to differ. It is actually at this stage that we desperately need support and guidance as we face lots of decisions, conflicting emotions and divergent pathways. Parents, we need you more when we are 13, than we needed you when we were 5. Stay close to us and be there for us.

Youths Step Up!

As young people we need to Step Up on our game! If we want our voices heard by the older, wiser heads, we also need to be able to reflect on life and articulate our thoughts and ideas to the leaders of the land. We have to show ourselves responsible and worthy of being heard. Just like we can rally together, for Sports Day and Jeans Day Jam, we need to also band together, to help our peers to make good and sometimes difficult choices, during our challenging teen years.

We need to set personal goals in various areas of our life, to give ourselves a sense of purpose, so we can enjoy a sense of achievement. We know what they say about idle hands! Yes they make mischief. Whatever your talent or whatever your gift, tune into it and work hard to achieve your aspirations. This way you will find peace within yourself and therefore can maintain harmonious relationships with your family members, friends, peers and the wider community. Be open to the love and support of your family, teachers, coaches and mentors. We may sometimes not agree with their point of view, but their efforts are always grounded in love and life wisdom.

We all need to play a part in promoting peace which is a pre-requisite for nation building. Our island is young and full of potential and we all need to work hand in hand to achieve a peaceful Anguilla…the landscape for our present and future generations.

Peace out. I thank you.

Thirteen year old Kyiv Edwards is passionate about life. He lives life to its very fullest always…whether by participating in a controversial class discussion, organizing a social activity among his peers or pursuing one of his many hobbies. Kyiv has an engaging and outgoing personality and enjoys social interactions with all age groups. He is a creative, out of the box thinker…always planning some new venture or project and if in doubt, researching Youtube to get ideas as to how to accomplish his goal.

Since primary school Kyiv has had a keen interest in Gourmet Cuisine and has pursued several Culinary courses and has work attachments in six of Anguilla’s top restaurants over the past few years. He enjoys concocting exotic creations to tempt the palette.

Kyiv loves navigating the computer and thanks to special permission by the Board of Governors of the Anguilla Community College, is now pursuing an Advanced Graphics Course at the college, having successfully completed the foundation graphics course last year with an A+ average. Kyiv has launched a Graphics Design services website and is available for jobs in this area.

He is active in several extra-curricular at the ALHCS including Steel Pan Orchestra, Concert Band, Environmental Club, History Club and Debating Club. He loves creating his own music and currently can play the drums, piano, steelpan, recorder and saxophone. He has started experimenting with the harmonica and the base guitar, all enroute to his personal goal of learning how to play a total of 10 instruments during his teen years. Kyiv who attained a Black Belt in Tae Qwondo at the age of 10, has enjoyed playing a variety of sports including tennis, golf, table tennis, swimming, football, cricket, basketball, billiards and sailing.

Kyiv enjoys healthy competition and practical interactive learning opportunities. He is the ultimate salesman…achieving great success in selling items like school journals and hand bands and also has been seen to exert valiant attempts to sell real estate. His career goal is to become a successful computer software designer, marketing his software solutions on the worldwide stage. Kyiv has a natural flair for leadership and operates with the mindset that anything is possible.

Anguilla’s Architecture On The World Stage. December 2012 News


 The Beach House, Meads Bay, Anguilla        

Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, Architectural Designer and Property Developer of Sunset Homes Anguilla, was honored with five (5) prestigious International Awards for Architecture and Property Development. These globally coveted awards were unveiled and presented at the International Property Awards Ceremony at the exclusive Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London on December 7th, 2012 .

Over two thousand (2,000) entries were submitted from architects and property developers in eighty-nine (89) countries, from the regions of Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Arabia, USA, United Kingdom, Central and South America and the Caribbean. “Sugar George” edged out his peers and emerged a winner in each of the three (3) levels of the competition. The first stage being at the country level, next the Caribbean region and finally the World level. The competition was judged by a panel of seventy seven highly esteemed international judges in over ten (10) rounds of judging sessions around the world.

As the Architectural Designer & Builder of “ The Beach House” on Meads Bay, described as “a stunning contemporary masterpiece”, “Sugar George” captured awards for: Best Single Property Unit – Anguilla, Best Architecture Single Unit –Anguilla; Best Property Single Unit – Caribbean; Best Architecture Single Unit – Caribbean and the most coveted prize, the sole “World’s Best of the Best” award for the Best International Architecture – Single Residence for 2012-2013.

The Beach House is an elegant 8 bedroom estate which features generous expanses of glass, ensuring a seamless line between the outdoors and indoors; clean and unexpectedly varied geometric lines and shapes, stainless steel trims and touches of warm wood, complemented by oversized stone tiles. The elegant Beach House was designed to capture the natural beauty of Anguilla’s marine-scape, with its spectacular sunsets and ocean views – in effect bringing the stunning outdoors into the daily living experience. The property can be viewed at

The long established International Property Awards has been a symbol of excellence throughout the global property industry over the past nineteen (19) years. The high profile event also featured a day of networking, presentations and seminars by Property Development, Construction, Interior Design and Architectural Firms from around the globe.

Sunset Homes hosted a dynamic Round Table discussion at the event, at which Ian and Janine Edwards, highlighted aspects of Property Development in Anguilla as well as in the Caribbean, attracting keen interest by attendees.

“It was our intention”, “Sugar George” commented, “to use the opportunity to feature Anguilla as a world class destination, with high quality accommodation and villas, designed to suit even the most discerning traveller.”

The event culminated with a Grand Champagne Reception and Gala Silver Service Dinner and Awards ceremony at which the highly anticipated “World’s Best of the Best” Awards were unveiled.

Ian “Sugar George” Edwards expressed his heartfelt appreciation to his business partners John and Valerie Barker and wife Janine for their creative contribution and invaluable input to the Beach House project. He also lauded the efforts of the Sunset Homes Office and Construction staff with special mention of the CAD team Verna Jerome and Hari Cuffy for their contributions. Gratitude was also expressed to Renante Guinto for his stunning photography of The Beach House and Michelle Owen-Vasilis and Valerie Zaharia for their exquisite artistic renderings of the awards portfolios which were presented in the competition.

Sugar George graciously accepted the exclusive global awards which mark a pinnacle of excellence in the fields of architecture and property development. The accolades attracted significant media attention for the destination of Anguilla, positioning the island as an attractive investment destination, offering first class services in Architecture, Construction and Property Development.

 Lord Michael Bates, Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, Stewart Shield, President, International Property Awards

Lord Michael Bates, Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, Stewart Shield, President, International Property Awards

The Beach House, Meads Bay, Anguilla

The Beach House, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Support Anguilla’s Children Attending Tennis US Open 2012

Myisha, Xander & NandiThe US Tennis Open 2012 will this August welcome three of Anguilla’s passionate young tennis players from the Anguilla Tennis Academy (ATA). The avid players were selected by the ATA to attend this grand slam event which will heighten their insight and love for the game of tennis whilst developing their global and cultural awareness. They are Xander Owen-Vasilis aged 13, Myisha Letang, 11 and Nandi Edwards, 8.

The Anguilla Tennis Academy is a non-profit organization that provides year round tennis training to the youth of Anguilla. The primary goal of the Anguilla Tennis Academy is to expose children to the joys, discipline and rigor of the life-long sport of tennis where they can acquire technical skills, experience ideal sportsmanship and develop a strong sense of community. The ATA programs are designed to challenge its students in three main areas:

  • Academically- to help students meet the requirements to attend accredited colleges.
  • Technically- to help its students reach exceptional standards in tennis.
  • Socially- to help students demonstrate self-discipline, anger management skills, team building and leadership skills.

Since inception in 1996, more than 3,000 children locally, regionally, and internationally have benefited from its programs.

In keeping with its mission to foster a multi-pronged developmental approach for the youth, the ATA has crafted a remarkable four day opportunity offering a range of activities including several days’ attendance at the US Tennis Open and an additional day of site seeing at historic and cultural places of interest in the pulsating city of New York. The travelling delegation also comprises Vallan Hodge-Richardson, Tennis Director, Viceroy Anguilla, Denise Webster-Horsford, ATA Office Clerk and Annmarie Letang, Parent Chaperone. Mitch Lake commented, “The ATA is committed to providing opportunities for its youth through the sport of tennis. The opportunity for young participants to observe world class tennis at the US Open Grand Slam event is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is my wish that they will become motivated and aspire to one day compete on such a grand stage.”

Vallan added: “The US Open is my favourite Grand Slam tournament. Being there in person to witness the greatest players in an electrifying atmosphere was indeed a memorable moment in my tennis experiences. I have no doubt that this amazing opportunity will motivate the children attending to work harder towards realizing their tennis goals.”

The children selected for this trip have worked hard year-round and have exhibited outstanding performance in the various areas of their life including: tennis and other sports, academic study and the performing arts. Meet the children…

The Anguilla Tennis Academy through its resources and generous support network has already sourced and funded the hotel stay and the tickets to the US Open. The ATA and its parents and community partners are now embarking on a program to raise funds to meet the delegation’s travel expenses and board during the visit.

For this trip to the US Open, a target budget of USD6, 000 (Six thousand United States Dollars) is now needed to meet the travel and board-related expenses. Any additional funds raised, will be applied towards the ATA’s ongoing worthwhile programs.

We encourage you to be part of this fabulous opportunity to join the cause for our youth and their mentors!

Funds can be donated to the Anguilla Tennis Academy (include note: US Open Visit) through the following ways.
Bank draft or Anguilla check payment made out to Anguilla Tennis Academy
MasterCard or Visa (Credit card authorization form to be completed and faxed)

Wire transfer or deposit to bank account:
Bank of America NA
100 SE, 2 r
Miami FL 33131
ABA# 026009593
For credit account number 1901-0-50156
In the name of Caribbean Commercial Bank (Anguilla) LTD
For further credit to: The Anguilla Tennis Academy, Account #: 7625221

Participate and pledge your support!

Appreciation is extended to the following persons for their generous donations towards this fundraising cause:

  • Mr. Paul Lowerre and Family, for assistance with hotel accommodations in NY
  • Mr. David Robin and Family, for providing US Open tickets for the traveling delegation
  • Mr. Marty Bloom , for all-round ongoing support
  • Mr. Mitchelle Lake, organizer of US Open professional development trip
  • Dr. Renante Guinto, Photographer and Gen Guinto
  • Mr. Rocklyn Maynard

For more information about the work of the ATA, please visit our website at or follow us on facebook at

May 24-28, 2012 Literary Festival in Anguilla!!!


 (The Valley, March 21, 2012) The tropical Caribbean paradise of Anguilla is pleased to announce the first annual Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification. This auspicious event will take place from May 24-28, 2012, under the distinguished patronage of Terry McMillan, professor, screenwriter, editor and award-winning author of Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Getting to Happy and It’s OK if You’re Clueless: and 23 More Tips for the College Bound.

Also joining McMillan for this occasion will be author Randall Robinson of the USA who now resides in St. Kitts; actress and author Sheryl Lee Ralph of the USA; Malaika Adero, VP, senior editor of Atria/Simon & Schuster in New York City; Lasana Sekou, poet, author, publisher of House of Nehesi Publishers in St. Martin; David Carty, Anguillian historian, film-maker and author; author Marie-Elena John of Antigua and the USA.  Other featured authors will be Stephanie Stokes Oliver, Patricia Adams, Marva Allen, and Dwayne Adams.

The Anguilla Lit Fest was conceptualized as a means of celebrating Anguilla’s literary heritage and is seen as a catalyst for visitor arrivals during the summer shoulder period. Visitors from the USA, Canada and The Caribbean are expected to be on island for the four-day event, which will feature a welcome cocktail party, breakfast and lunch presentations, special sessions with the authors and fun-filled evening soirees. Participants will also be given a full day to create their personal Anguilla Experience or to reconnect with their individual creative muse.

The name of the festival speaks to a very important facet of Anguilla’s cultural heritage–the Jollification. Rhona Richardson, a member of the Anguilla Community Foundation explains the concept of the Jollification as “a getting together of people to share and help neighbors.”  This was done through the hoeing (plowing) and planting of ground (fields), all against the backdrop of men working together, women cooking, and children playing, while the work was carried out free of cost, with much laughter, singing and “jollification.” Noted economist, historian, author and playwright, Marcel Fahie writes that through the Jollification, “We helped each other with the construction of our homes. Mutual aid and assistance in the form of free labour was also employed to build community facilities, access roads to and from isolated parts of villages, church buildings, community halls and playing fields. The spirit and elements of the jollification survive to this day in various forms. Most notable is the contribution of our time and effort to furthering the programs of our religious and charitable organizations.”

Speaking about the organization of the Literary Festival, Director of Tourism Candis Niles states, “This festival could not have been staged without the Anguilla Jollification approach.  Through the assistance, support and sharing of the Ministry of Social Development, the Anguilla Tourist Board, the Anguilla Social Security Board, Paradise Cove Resort & Conference Centre, Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, DaVida’s Restaurant, and our partners from the business sector, Coral Reef Bookstore, Merchants’ Market and Tropical Flower Distributors, we have been able to make the Anguilla Literary Festival a reality, and for that we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation.”

Special packages for the event are being offered by Anguilla’s leading accommodation establishments, including Paradise Cove Resort’s “Lit Talk Anguilla” package; Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa’s “Invitation to Exhale with Terry McMillan” package; Little Butterfly’s “Lit Talk Anguilla” package; and Anacaona Boutique Hotel’s “Book Binder Girls Getaway” package.

Flights can be arranged on American Airlines, Jet Blue, USAirways, United Airlines and Continental Airways through San Juan, Puerto Rico or St. Martin with onward connecting flights or ferry into Anguilla; or on regional carriers LIAT and Winair via Antigua.

For further information on how you can book your package and be a part of the inaugural Anguilla Lit Fest: A Literary Jollification, visit or call 264-497-2759; 800-553-4939; 1-877-4-ANGUILLA.

February 17,2012 Anguilla to be Showcased on House Hunters International

Anguilla To Be Showcased on House Hunters International  

Anguilla will be featured in an episode of the popular HGTV series, House Hunters International on Friday February 17, 2012.  The episode, which features a young couple Nick and Karen Walsh looking for their dream house on Anguilla, will air on HGTV) at 10:30 pm EST and 1:30 am EST. Sunset Homes is delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in the show.  Property Developer and  Architectural Designer Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, the realtor, shows the Walsh couple various properties on the island as they seek to find their ideal family residence.  See the link below for more details: 

Anguilla viewers can tune in to Channel 49 locally to see the show. 

The Anguilla Tourist Board, Ministry of Tourism and House Hunters International collaborated to facilitate and produce this show. 


Sunset Homes is a creative and dynamic firm based on the alluring island of Anguilla in the British West Indies that specializes in Architecture and Design, Property Development, Project Management, Home Automation Services, MEP Consultancy, Procurement as well as general design and construction consulting services. With a proven 18 – year track record, Sunset Homes is credited with some of the most acclaimed and prestigious villa, residential and commercial property developments on Anguilla.

Montserrat’s Volcano Hazard Level Lowered! Nov 2011 news.

Date: November 4, 2011

Written by Nerissa Golden


Montserrat’s Volcano Hazard Level Lowered

BRADES, Montserrat (November 4, 2011)The National Disaster Preparedness and Advisory Committee has taken a decision to reduce the hazard level of Soufriere Hills Volcano from 3 to 2, which will allow day-time access to Zone C.


Zone C comprises Cork Hill, Delvins, Weekes, Foxes Bay and Richmond Hill. Note there will be no access to St Georges Hill since is it now in Zone V.

Daytime access means that persons can visit these areas using a vehicle from 8:00 to 4:00pm. Children can only enter accompanied by their parents. Entry will be at a manned gate on the Corkhill Road adjacent to the condominiums on the southern side of the Belham Valley. Caution is urged when driving in the area as many of the roads are overgrown and are in poor condition.


The Montserrat Volcano Observatory has advised that the volcano is in a continued state of pause which is now the longest since the eruption began in 1995. The current pause has lasted 629 days. (Theprevious longest pause of 625 days occurred between 1998 and 1999).


The MVO Director, Dr. Paul Cole, has also stated that the frequency of pyroclastic flows occurring from the remaining lava dome has decreased.


Although the decision has been made to reduce the hazard level, residents and visitors need to be vigilant at all times because volcanic activity can still increase with very little or no warning.  Those persons entering should keep their car radios tuned to ZJB Radio at all times when in Zone C. They should also carry a battery powered transistor radio and mobile phone with them if they leave their cars.


Persons entering Zone C should exercise extreme caution generally and especially in crossing the Belham River Valley when it is raining heavily because of the possibility of lahars/mudflows. The crossing point is at the bottom of Dr Woods Road.


Zone V on the volcanic risk map remains closed. It is still in the full time exclusion zone.


News from Montserrat. May 2011 issue

    May 2011 ISSUE

Ground Broken for New National Museum

Work has commenced on Montserrat’s new National Museum located in the Heritage Park and the Green Development Block (near the cricket field) of the Little Bay Development. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is managing the construction of the EC$2.5m building, which was designed and is being built by local architect firm, Alford Dyett Associates. Funding is being provided by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the European Union (EU), through the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB), which will manage the funds. Montserrat’s old Museum was located in an old sugar mill on Richmond Hill in the south of the island. This site has been abandoned because of volcanic activity, but the artefacts and displays were removed from the sugar mill and are currently in storage. The Montserrat National Trust will be responsible for setting up the exhibitions once the museum is completed.   The new facility will have storage and exhibition areas; a souvenir shop; a meeting room; a refectory area; an activity area; and will be equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities and special needs. For further information on the facility contact the Montserrat National Trust by phone at (664) 491 3086, by email at or go to


Shamrock Mooring Project to Enhance Safe Mooring

Tourism Challenge Fund recipient, Raphael White, is currently executing a project entitled Shamrock Mooring’s Plus (SMP). This project is aimed at offering safe mooring and anchorage facilities to visiting sailboats and yachts, with anchorage options at Little Bay and Rendezvous Bay for a fee. Shamrock Moorings Plus will also be offering convenient amenities to visiting boaters such as ice delivery, garbage removal, laundry, and boat bottom cleaning services.  He commented that these services will afford visitors more time to experience the island’s culture and local attractions such as volcano watching, white and black sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, guided tours, hiking and local cuisine. To view the rates for the services being offered go to or send an e-mail to or call (664) 491 9177/ 496 4866.

Cudjoe Head’s Celebrations On Schedule for Next Month 

Montserrat will once again be showcasing its African ancestry during Cudjoe Head celebrations, which will be held from July 29-30, 2011. The village of Cudjoe Head was named in the 18th Century after a slave by the name of Cudjoe who ran away from his master. He was caught and lynched at Cudjoe Head corner and his head was placed on a silk cotton tree to remind anyone considering running away what the punishment would be if they were caught. The festivities will include performances by steelband, iron band, masqueraders, and a string band, as well as an appearance by Miss Goosy. Other activities include an early morning road race and an exhibition of goods produced in the village. Additionally, the Friday night before the festival known as Cudjoe Head Eve, is a time known for revelry and fun with a street festival that includes live music and vendors. For further information contact Paul Lewis at  or call (664) 492 1611.

Tourist Board Says Farewell to its Marketing Manager

After serving the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) for nearly six (6) years, Marketing Manager Ishwar Persad will be saying farewell in early July.  A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Ishwar moved to Montserrat in 2005 to work on the first Tourism Development Project (TDP1), which was aimed at rejuvenating a tourism sector that suffered immensely as a result of volcanic activity and insufficient marketing. After a short stint away, he returned in 2008 to work on a second TDP.  During his tenure the new destination’s website was rolled out, several new high quality brochures were produced, and a monthly e-newsletter and weekend flyer was created.  He was also responsible for the advertising programme, managing the overseas offices, organising visits by high profile media and journalists, as well as executing an ongoing visitor exit surveys programme.  Ishwar is one of the founders of the not-for-profit Montserrat Running Club, which has successfully hosted two Volcano Half Marathons ( ). He has also run several international marathons, raising funds for local Montserrat charities such as Meals on Wheels, Golden Years Retirement Home and Special Olympics.  The Board and staff of the MTB wish him all the best in his new adventures in Zanzibar, East Africa.

Upcoming Events

Queen’s Birthday Celebration
June 18th, 2011

Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
June 20th, 2011

Montserrat Calabash Festival
July 17th – 24th , 2011

Cudjoe Head Celebrations
July 29th – 30th, 2011

Emancipation Day (Public Holiday)
August 1st, 2011
St. Peter’s Parish Bazaar 
August 1st, 2011