Traveling with Children to China. Part #3 Xi’an and Qingdao

We loved Mian Shan area so much that we decided to postpone our planned trip to Xi’an in few hours, and take a speed train afternoon. So..whole morning we explored new areas of Mian Shan with Beautiful Taoist temples and valleys. Our favorites are: Chess Cave in Qixuan Valley
Chess Cave in Qixuan ValleyZhujia Hollow Area
Zhujia Hollow Area

Lingbao God TempleLingbao God Temple
Lingbao God TempleLingbao God TempleLingbao God TempleLingbao God Temple

It takes almost an hour with taxi to drive from Mian Shan area to Jiexiu Speed Train Station. It’s a large modern facility, with wide road and large concrete empty space in front of the building.
Jiexiu Speed Train Station
Although, right next to the raised plaform , down below bordering farmer’s fields with greeneryFarmer's Fields next to Jiexiu Speed Train Station
We arrived to Xi’an by bullet train from Jiexiu. It was fun to look outside and to the screen of the tablo showing “250 km/hr” speed of the train.
After train we took a subway. It is very economical, comfortable and convenient way to travel in the city. Xi'anDowntown Xian
Downtown XianMuslim Quarters in Xian with rows of small shops and restaurants with food to taste is a must area to visit in the evening while in Xian.
Muslim Quarters in XianWe stayed in Downtown Hotel Xi’an, very convenient hotel for travellers.
Next morning we took a bus to enormous exhibition of Terracota Army. It’s gigantic place and unbelievable artifacts attracts billions of people from around the world as a “Must See in China” tourist attraction.
Next early morning we flew to relaxing and beautiful Qingdao city- “Oriental Switzerland”
Qingdao Airport Treminal 2Qingdao Airport Terminal 2
Next morning we decided to visit Laoshan. It is a well known area, and better to visit it early in the morning before the crowds. Also, when you take a shuttle bus to temples, first start with the farthest areas to explore..
Lao Shan area in QingdaoLaoshan

You need at least a day in Laoshan (better two, if you can arrange staying overnight in beautiful challets in this area.
Also, Qingdao is an interesting city as well. We visited Military museum, Bathing Beaches and downtown narrow streets..
Old Qigdao