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Montserrat:Still Home… Still Nice…!!!

Hi everyoneFor those who don’t already know, Pat Belonger Ryan’s song ‘Still Home Still Nice’ has been entered for the BBC World Service Hear my country competition, where a song is chosen which best represents a particular country. The competition is mounted by The Strand, an arts and culture programme on the BBC World Service. The song is accompanied by a set of lovely photos illustrating different aspects of life on Montserrat. To assist the choice of this song, people are invited, if they wish, to e-mail The Strand programme, proposing this song to be chosen to represent Montserrat in the Hear my country competition. One should briefly state one’s reasons for proposing this song, or why you think it should be chosen.The song and photos can be heard and viewed on You Tube at the following link:- Make sure to include this link in your letter to the BBC.The e-mail address to write to is and the SUBJECT line should say The Strand, hear my country, Montserrat to help it get to the right department. Just encouraging people to support this effort. You can also click on ‘like’ on You Tube if you like it.Best wishes to allCathy Buffonge

Montserrat’s Volcano Hazard Level Lowered! Nov 2011 news.

Date: November 4, 2011

Written by Nerissa Golden


Montserrat’s Volcano Hazard Level Lowered

BRADES, Montserrat (November 4, 2011)The National Disaster Preparedness and Advisory Committee has taken a decision to reduce the hazard level of Soufriere Hills Volcano from 3 to 2, which will allow day-time access to Zone C.


Zone C comprises Cork Hill, Delvins, Weekes, Foxes Bay and Richmond Hill. Note there will be no access to St Georges Hill since is it now in Zone V.

Daytime access means that persons can visit these areas using a vehicle from 8:00 to 4:00pm. Children can only enter accompanied by their parents. Entry will be at a manned gate on the Corkhill Road adjacent to the condominiums on the southern side of the Belham Valley. Caution is urged when driving in the area as many of the roads are overgrown and are in poor condition.


The Montserrat Volcano Observatory has advised that the volcano is in a continued state of pause which is now the longest since the eruption began in 1995. The current pause has lasted 629 days. (Theprevious longest pause of 625 days occurred between 1998 and 1999).


The MVO Director, Dr. Paul Cole, has also stated that the frequency of pyroclastic flows occurring from the remaining lava dome has decreased.


Although the decision has been made to reduce the hazard level, residents and visitors need to be vigilant at all times because volcanic activity can still increase with very little or no warning.  Those persons entering should keep their car radios tuned to ZJB Radio at all times when in Zone C. They should also carry a battery powered transistor radio and mobile phone with them if they leave their cars.


Persons entering Zone C should exercise extreme caution generally and especially in crossing the Belham River Valley when it is raining heavily because of the possibility of lahars/mudflows. The crossing point is at the bottom of Dr Woods Road.


Zone V on the volcanic risk map remains closed. It is still in the full time exclusion zone.


News from Montserrat. May 2011 issue

    May 2011 ISSUE

Ground Broken for New National Museum

Work has commenced on Montserrat’s new National Museum located in the Heritage Park and the Green Development Block (near the cricket field) of the Little Bay Development. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is managing the construction of the EC$2.5m building, which was designed and is being built by local architect firm, Alford Dyett Associates. Funding is being provided by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the European Union (EU), through the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB), which will manage the funds. Montserrat’s old Museum was located in an old sugar mill on Richmond Hill in the south of the island. This site has been abandoned because of volcanic activity, but the artefacts and displays were removed from the sugar mill and are currently in storage. The Montserrat National Trust will be responsible for setting up the exhibitions once the museum is completed.   The new facility will have storage and exhibition areas; a souvenir shop; a meeting room; a refectory area; an activity area; and will be equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities and special needs. For further information on the facility contact the Montserrat National Trust by phone at (664) 491 3086, by email at or go to


Shamrock Mooring Project to Enhance Safe Mooring

Tourism Challenge Fund recipient, Raphael White, is currently executing a project entitled Shamrock Mooring’s Plus (SMP). This project is aimed at offering safe mooring and anchorage facilities to visiting sailboats and yachts, with anchorage options at Little Bay and Rendezvous Bay for a fee. Shamrock Moorings Plus will also be offering convenient amenities to visiting boaters such as ice delivery, garbage removal, laundry, and boat bottom cleaning services.  He commented that these services will afford visitors more time to experience the island’s culture and local attractions such as volcano watching, white and black sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, guided tours, hiking and local cuisine. To view the rates for the services being offered go to or send an e-mail to or call (664) 491 9177/ 496 4866.

Cudjoe Head’s Celebrations On Schedule for Next Month 

Montserrat will once again be showcasing its African ancestry during Cudjoe Head celebrations, which will be held from July 29-30, 2011. The village of Cudjoe Head was named in the 18th Century after a slave by the name of Cudjoe who ran away from his master. He was caught and lynched at Cudjoe Head corner and his head was placed on a silk cotton tree to remind anyone considering running away what the punishment would be if they were caught. The festivities will include performances by steelband, iron band, masqueraders, and a string band, as well as an appearance by Miss Goosy. Other activities include an early morning road race and an exhibition of goods produced in the village. Additionally, the Friday night before the festival known as Cudjoe Head Eve, is a time known for revelry and fun with a street festival that includes live music and vendors. For further information contact Paul Lewis at  or call (664) 492 1611.

Tourist Board Says Farewell to its Marketing Manager

After serving the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) for nearly six (6) years, Marketing Manager Ishwar Persad will be saying farewell in early July.  A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Ishwar moved to Montserrat in 2005 to work on the first Tourism Development Project (TDP1), which was aimed at rejuvenating a tourism sector that suffered immensely as a result of volcanic activity and insufficient marketing. After a short stint away, he returned in 2008 to work on a second TDP.  During his tenure the new destination’s website was rolled out, several new high quality brochures were produced, and a monthly e-newsletter and weekend flyer was created.  He was also responsible for the advertising programme, managing the overseas offices, organising visits by high profile media and journalists, as well as executing an ongoing visitor exit surveys programme.  Ishwar is one of the founders of the not-for-profit Montserrat Running Club, which has successfully hosted two Volcano Half Marathons ( ). He has also run several international marathons, raising funds for local Montserrat charities such as Meals on Wheels, Golden Years Retirement Home and Special Olympics.  The Board and staff of the MTB wish him all the best in his new adventures in Zanzibar, East Africa.

Upcoming Events

Queen’s Birthday Celebration
June 18th, 2011

Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
June 20th, 2011

Montserrat Calabash Festival
July 17th – 24th , 2011

Cudjoe Head Celebrations
July 29th – 30th, 2011

Emancipation Day (Public Holiday)
August 1st, 2011
St. Peter’s Parish Bazaar 
August 1st, 2011

Montserrat Calabash Festival July 17-24, 2011 Schedule of activities

Schedule of Activities:

Montserrat Calabash Festival July 17-24, 2011

Date Event Venue Time

Sunday, July 17th

Church Service

Thanksgiving celebration commemorating 16 years of

volcanic activity

A senior citizen will be honoured for community service

Refreshments served following the service

National Neighbourly Day

Show love to your neighbour with a call, a visit, a party,

a gift or even a prayer.

Church of God of

Prophecy, St Johns

Throughout Montserrat

10:00 am

All Day

Monday, July 18th

Radio Address

By Hon. Minister of Culture and Director of Tourism

explaining the significance of Calabash Festival to

National and Tourism Development and community


Calabash Jog and Stroll

Easy relaxing outdoor exercise

ZJB Radio Station


Cudjoe Head to Little


8:00 am


Tuesday, July 19th

Dr Irish Lecture Series

ECCB hosting symposium on how to make your money

grow in challenging times

Ryan’s Complex,



Wednesday, July


Gospel Concert

featuring guest artiste, church choirs, local community

choirs and performers

St Patricks Catholic

Church, Look Out


Thursday, July 21st

Island Boat Tours

Take a boat ride round the island or up to South and

back to Rendezvous with Green Monkey 496-2960


Buffy 492-1570 or

Quan 496-2080

Please call individual boat operators to make

arrangements for tours.

Little Bay Port TBC

Friday, July 22nd

Grand Food Fair

Sample Caribbean delicacies and delicious foods

Visit the Calabash Exhibition and shop for souvenirs.

Cultural dancers and local musicians will be performing

Calabash Pub Hop

Party with the gang, hit the road, and discover

Montserrat’s unique pubs

Ryan’s Complex, Brades

Hill Top Bar to the

North and back




Saturday, July 23rd

Calabash Hike and Coconut Water Event

An energizing early morning hike with Scriber our local

forest ranger that is not to be missed.

Designer Fashion, Hair & Nail Show

Haute Couture Local Fashion designers and Beauticians

showing off for the crowd.

Dry Waterfall

Montserrat Cultural

Centre, Little Bay



Sunday, July 24th

11/11 Cricket Match

Fun rules, hilarious moves, highly competitive cricket

Spectator Calabash Relay Race, You can take part.

Pan and Jazz by the Bay

Enjoy live:

steel band music,

string band music

jazz performers and a variety of entertainers

lots of food, pig roasting, cashew roasting and local


bon fires and fireworks will light up the sky

(Bring your seat, huge beach towel or blanket)

Little Bay Playing Field

Little Bay


6:00 pm

St.Patrick’s Day in Montserrat! Flights Schedule from March 15th

SVG Air to Commence Scheduled Flights to Montserrat Mid-March
The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Based Airline to offer 2 Daily Return Flights

(Brades, Montserrat – March 4th, 2011): Getting to Montserrat just got easier with the announcement by the Government of Montserrat that St. Vincent Grenadines Air (SVG Air) has been approved to operate daily scheduled commercial air transport services between Montserrat and Antigua.


Two daily return flights with guaranteed seat provisions have been agreed and will commence on Tuesday March 15th, 2011, just in time for the busy St. Patrick’s Festival on Montserrat.  The one-way airfare per passenger will be US$74 (EC$200) plus taxes and the time schedule for the guaranteed flights will be as follows:

 Morning sector

Departure from Antigua:                         7:00 A.M.

Departure from Montserrat:                   7:30 A.M.

 Afternoon sector

Departure from Antigua:                        4:00 P.M.

Departure from Montserrat:                   4:30 P.M.


SVG Air can also add non-guaranteed flights and/or charters to Antigua and neighbouring island based on requests and on market demand. 


For reservations and flight information in Montserrat call handling agent Monair at (664) 491 4200 or email , and in Antigua, call Express Handling at (268) 562 7183 or email To contact SVGs head office in St. Vincent email or call (784) 457 5124.

  ABOUT SVG AIRSt Vincent Grenadines Air (SVG Air) has been in operation since 1990, and is based in St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada, with hangars in St Vincent, Bequia and Canouan.  The company operates scheduled and charter flights throughout all the islands of the Caribbean, in particular between Barbados, Nevis, Bequia, Canouan, St Vincent, St. Kitts, St. Marten, Union Island, Mustique, Grenada, St Lucia, St Barts, Anguilla, and Martinique, and also as far afield as Guyana and Jamaica.  In mid-March 2011 the airline will commence scheduled flights between Antigua and Barbuda and to Montserrat.

Top Spots in St.Kitts!

Contact: Cathy Preece/Candice Adams-Kimmel

Thursday, December 23, 2010


From the Streets of Basseterre to the Sandy Beaches,
The Spirit of the Season Abounds on St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts – With the rapidly approaching holidays causing many to feel more “bah-humbug” than “ho-ho-ho,” St. Kitts has plenty of places to help get even the most resolute Scrooge in a more joyful spirit.  As the lyrics of the Jimmy Buffet song Christmas in the Caribbean suggest, “we’ve got everything but snow!”

Here are some of the best places to find some seasonal cheer on St. Kitts:

1.     Downtown Basseterre – From the official opening of the island’s National Carnival on December 17 right through the Grand Parade on New Year’s Day and Las Lap on January 3rd, St. Kitts’ capitol city is alight with the festivities of Carnival during the holidays.  Throughout the streets, the folklore and traditions of St. Kitts are celebrated through song, dance, drama, poetry and music by Masquerade, Moko-Jumbies, Clowns and Actors in a variety of competitions, performances and street activities while local food and drinks available everywhere.

2.     Reggae Beach Bar & Grill – Children make up the heart of any holiday, and nothing puts a smile on kids’ faces quite like getting a gift from Santa!  This year, Reggae Beach Bar is again the site for a visit from Santa, who will be arriving at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve.  Parents with children are invited to drop off a small gift with their child’s name on it for Santa’s sack, then bring their child to receive his/her personalized present from Santa.  There is also a special buffet menu for those who want to stay and eat after the event.  

3.     Port Zante – It’s easy to be filled with the spirit of giving upon finally finding the perfect gift for that special someone.  However, there’s always that one person who is difficult to shop for.  Look no further than the shops of Port Zante for inspiration, as there are stores selling diamonds and jewelry as well as brand name clothing as well as duty-free shops for a variety of gift items.  Or, for something unique and authentic to St. Kitts, shop at the adjacent Amina Craft Market to find handmade crafts, art, cloths, decorative pieces and jewelry that make excellent conversation pieces when displayed or worn.

4.     Restaurants – For anyone who prefers not to do the cooking this year, plenty of restaurants on St. Kitts are open for business and serving up more than just good cheer on the holidays.  For fine French cuisine served in an intimate setting, La Belle Vie in Frigate Bay has special menus for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve featuring some traditional international holiday menu items. For traditional holiday fare in an upscale setting, Ottley’s Plantation Inn will be serving up turkey and other dishes for dinner on Christmas Day at their Royal Palm Restaurant.  Alternately, for those who prefer to spend their holiday beachside, the Sunset Café at Timothy Beach Resort is providing a full traditional Christmas dinner with some added Caribbean options and Spice Mill Restaurant is putting on an elegant New Year’s Eve bash with fireworks, hors d’oeuvres, party favors and an all-inclusive bar from 7:30pm to 3:00am.

5.     Brimstone Hill – Get in touch with the spirit of Christmas past by visiting St. Kitts’ magnificent fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Rising almost 800 feet above sea level on a volcanic outcropping and boasting some of the island’s most spectacular views, the site began construction in 1690 by the British using slave labor as a strategic refuge fortress in times of war.  It is one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas as well as one of the Caribbean’s oldest English fortresses.  It’s natural to imagine the people who celebrated the holidays in this very spot going back over 300 years ago.

6.     Churches – Scattered around the island as well as in Basseterre, the churches of St. Kitts, both large and small are ideal places to visit for the holidays.  Particularly during Christmas, the churches are overflowing with the joyful music of the season.  Stop in to enjoy the voices all joined together as one that fills the air with song and jubilance. 

Located in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, St. Kitts offers a diverse tourism product developed from the destination’s natural beauty, cultural heritage and rich history.  The island’s stunning variety of tourism attractions include hiking through the tropical rainforest, riding the scenic railway that connects the island’s sugar plantations, visiting the Caribelle Batik factory, touring Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the only man-made UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Eastern Caribbean, and the more traditional vacation pastimes such as watersports, golf, shopping, tennis, gourmet dining, gaming at one of St. Kitts’ two casinos or simply relaxing on one of the island’s sandy beaches.  Guests can select from accommodations ranging from intimate plantation inns to larger hotels or resorts. 

For more information about St. Kitts, please contact the St. Kitts Tourism Authority toll free from the US at 1-800-582-6208 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-582-6208      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or from Canada 1-888-395-4887 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-888-395-4887      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, e-mail, visit, or connect on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube

# # #

Half Marathon in Montserrat

With 6 days to go to the 2nd Volcano Half Marathon on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27TH
, runners, walkers and supporters are still welcome to participate. 



Starts at 6 am at Blakes Football Field and pre-registration is required.
You medal for finishing is made out of pumice cut, polished and in the shape
of Montserrat.



Starts at 6:15 am from Cudjoe  Head.  No pre-registration is required and
you can register on the morning of the race from 5:30 am for free



All races finish at Salem Park where there will be DJ music, local breakfast
on sale, a bar and the awards ceremony



Check this blog about the race from the two guys from Uncommon Caribbean who
are flying in from New York just to take part in the race


Come out in your numbers and support this race!


Ishwar Persad

Marketing Manager

Montserrat Tourist Board

Farara Plaza A&B

PO Box 7





Become a fan of Montserrat on Facebook at

Follow us on Twitter at  <>

Half Marathon in Montserrat. November 27th, 2010

Participate in the Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon and Fun Run & Walk


(November 10th, 2010, Brades – Montserrat): Running and Walking enthusiasts,
and supporters are reminded of the 2nd Montserrat Volcano Half-Marathon and
Fun Run & Walk, on Saturday November 27th, 2010  

This event is organised by the Montserrat Running Club in support of local
charity Childline, with the main sponsors being The Montserrat Tourist
Board, LIME, the Governor’s Office, United Insurance and the Government’s
Sports Department.

So far over 50 runners have registered for the 13.1 mile half-marathon,
including 40 from overseas from countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, St
Martin, Antigua, St Kitts and Trinidad.  The half marathon starts at 6:00 am
from Blakes Football Field and finishes at Salem Park.  Registration fee for
this race is EC$50 for residents and EC$100 for overseas participants, and
includes a race bag, T-shirt, and a race medal made out of volcanic
The 5 kilometre Fun Run & Walk will start at 6:15 a.m. from Cudjoe Head and
also finishes at Salem Park.  There is no registration fee for this event
and participants can sign-up at Cudjoe Head on the morning of the race from
5:30 a.m.
Attractive prizes will be awarded for both races. The first placed male and
female finishers in the half-marathon will each receive EC$1,000, with
EC$750 for second place and EC$500 for third place. The first youth
half-marathon finisher will receive EC$500.   For the 5K Fun Run and Walk,
the first, second and third placed runner and walker will each receive
EC$200, EC$150 and EC$100 respectively.

Significant public support and revelry is expected along the race route
which encompasses Blakes Estate, St Johns, Sweeneys, Carrs Bay, Little Bay,
Brades, St Peters, Woodlands, Lower Friths and Salem.  The finishing area
for all races will be Salem Park, where DJ music will be provided by Multi
Plex I Power Sounds, and local breakfast and other treats will be on sale.

For further information call               (664) 496 6197        or go to

Alliouagana Festival of the Word, Montserrat. Nov 12-14, 2010

Dear Friends
In just about a fortnight from now we will be into the 2nd Alliouagana Festival of the Word which takes place from Friday November 12 to Sunday November 14, 2010.  We hope that as many persons as possible will find this Programme interesting and will try to find the time to attend and participate in all of the planned activities.  Attached is the Programme for the Weekend and you will note that the Pre-Festival Symposium on Thursday November 11 is in honour of the late Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell.  Kindly help with getting this information to as many persons as possible.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have further questions.
Gracelyn Cassell
Steering Committee
Alliouagana Festival of the Word
c/o The University of the West Indies
Open Campus Montserrat
P.O.Box 256
Salem, Montserrat
Tel:               664 491 3924        / 2344 office
Fax: 664 491 8924

Montserrat News. October 2010

October 2010 Issue

Montserrat Reef Project to Enhance the Marine Ecosystem

Tourism Challenge Fund recipients Caribbean Marine Projects is currently implementing the Montserrat Reef Project (MRP), aimed at enhancing the island’s marine ecosystem.  The Project is being executed in collaboration with The Reef Ball Foundation, and involves building an artificial reef from corals that would have been destroyed in the development of the new port facilities and town at Little Bay.  The reef balls are presently being built on Montserrat with the aid of volunteers and are designed to allow water filtration and movement which will aid in coral growth.  After deploying the reef structure, the next step will be to do coral clippings and transplant them onto the reef balls. This will lead to the creation of new reefs, habitats, and breeding grounds for fish and aquatic life. Andrew Myers and Emmy Aston of Caribbean Marine Projects also operate the ScubaMontserrat dive shop on-island and hope that this initiative will provide impetus and funding resources for the implementation of other projects aimed at protecting Montserrat’s natural beauty.  You can follow the MRP on Facebook at Montserrat Reef Project, contact them by e-mail at or by phone at (664) 496 7333/491 7807. Also be sure to look out for their upcoming website

“Are You Ready? Alright Then! Montserrat Arrow Festival 2010

The recent passing of Montserrat’s Soca King of the World, Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell of “Hot, Hot, Hot” fame, touched the hearts of thousands of his fans, friends and family worldwide.  Considered a National Hero, the island has been looking at ways to honour this famous son-of-the soil, who promoted Montserrat overseas for over three decades through his infectious soca music.   In this regard, a concert to honour Arrow  will be held during the upcoming Festival season.  In addition, the Hon. Chief Minister announced that this year’s Festival will be named “Arrow’s Festival”.  The revised slogan for the Festival has now been altered to, “Are You Ready? Alright Then! Montserrat Arrow Festival 2010”. For more details on upcoming Festival events, visit the Montserrat Festival (MONFEST) website at

Special Packages from the Luxurious Royal Palm Club

The Royal Palm Club Inn is offering special accommodation packages for the Winter 2010/2011 season, starting from US$520. This plantation style property, sits amid five acres of tropical gardens and has panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.  Four and seven night packages in the Garden Suite start at US$520 and US$910 respectively.  Accommodation in the luxurious Royal Palm Suite for four nights is priced at US $740  and US$1295 for seven nights. These prices all include daily continental breakfast, all taxes, are based on double occupancy and have to be booked by November 30th, 2010.  Packages that include nightly dinner at the on-site Verandah Restaurant and single occupancy rates, are also available on request.  Whether you choose their Garden Suite next to the pool with its king-sized bed, sitting area, and large bathroom, or their luxurious five-roomed Royal Palm Suite overflowing with Caribbean charm, a stay at the Royal Palm Club Inn is sure to enhance your Montserrat experience.   For more information call (664) 491 2671/496 4131, email or go to   

The 2nd Montserrat Literary Festival To Begin Soon

From November 12-14, 2010, literary enthusiasts are invited to attend Montserrat’s second annual literary festival, the Alliouagana Festival of the Word. With the theme Discovering New Worlds Through Words, the three-day event will bring together, acclaimed writers and readers from the Caribbean, North America, the UK and Australia for readings, conversations, lectures, panel discussions and workshops. For further details and information contact Gracelyn Cassell at (664) 491 3924, by email at or visit the Festival’s website at  


Registration Still Open for the Volcano Half Marathon on November 27th

Running enthusiasts can still register for one of the most unique marathon experiences in the world.  Following the overwhelming success of last year’s inaugural event, the 2nd Montserrat Volcano Half Marathon will take place on Saturday 27th November 2010 and runners from all around the globe are invited to join in.  The strenuous 13.1-mile course is very hilly and not for the faint-hearted, although there will also be a shorter Fun Run/Walk on the day if you want to take it easy. Registration forms, information on prizes and other details are available at

Caribbean Map
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Guest House



Calendar of Events  

Police, Fire, Search &
Rescue Community Week
October 30th – November 6th


November 2010
2nd Alliouagana Festival of the Word
November 12-14th

Volcano Half Marathon-
November 27th

December 2010
Festival (Carnival)
December 4th – January 1st

January 2011
New Year’s Day
January 1st

March 2011
St. Patrick’s Week
March 12th – 19th
St Patrick’s Day –March 17th